Paying by card

To pay by card, add the items you want to buy to the cart and enter your ‘Buyer Info’ at the bottom of the cart page. (This info goes direct to us)

Then click on the    button in the bottom right hand corner of the cart screen.

This will take you to the PayPal payment gateway. If you don’t use PayPal or just don’t want to for this payment, click on “Check Out as Guest” (see the red arrow on the image below).

This will take you to the card payment page. Here you can enter your details as you would on any other online store.

These details are required by PayPal to make your payment. This doesn’t create a PayPal account or send any of the information to us.  Don’t forget to click the box at the bottom to accept PayPal’s terms.

After clicking “Pay Now” you may see a screen asking if you would like to create a PayPal account. There is no obligation to do this. You can reject the offer if you want to. Your payment will be confirmed either way.

If you have any further questions we are always happy to help.
Just drop us a message using the email button at the top of every page on this website.