Slacklines galore at PLaY 2017

Slacklines galore at PLaY 2017

For the last few years slacklining has had a firm presence at PLaY with workshop lines for everyone to enjoy.  This year we are taking it up a notch!

In the plans for PLaY 2017 are longlines from 40m up to 200m (with a natural dip for sag-swag!) mid-highlines from 20m to 65m, RodeoWorld with rodeolines for all levels, trickline, beginner lines, and hopefully even some waterlines!  We will have daily workshops for all levels from the best and coolest slackliners in the UK with supervised highline sessions for all levels, including a leash climb line and beginner midline for taking your first steps in a harness!  And, on top of all this, there is plenty of space to rig your own lines if that’s what you’re into.

Of course this is in addition to all the usual circus workshops (over 130 each year), performances, music and fun that PLaY festival is known for. We are looking forward to taking the UK slackline event scene to a new level and we hope you can join us! Get your tickets now from our ticket shop!

At PLaY we are all about you getting involved so if you would like to lend a hand or offer something slackline related, be it with rigging or workshops, or if you just have a query, then give Jacob a shout at