Art at PLaY 2017

It’s not all Circus at PLaY this year, this year we have ART! We know you are beautiful, creative people so we are bringing a different outlet for your artistic urges. Why not join us for a pop up life drawing class? Or the ‘Art Squad Anarchy’ gang for their rather ’unique’ take on an Art class?

Pip ‘Astro’ Bailey in action at an Art Squad Anarchy! Pic by John Benge

Also present will be a resident cartoonist: Pip ‘Astro’ Bayley. Pip is never happier than with a sketchbook in hand, and he will be wandering round the festival site trying to catch the magic of our wonderful gathering on paper. He says his two favourite things to draw are girls and monsters, but we can’t work out whether that will be a help or a hindrance!

If you see Pip out and about drawing feel free to ask him about his work, or about the other art events at the festival. Be prepared though, he is liable to get VERY excited. Art is his passion after all!

We are also encouraging you our fabulous visitors to bring along a sketchbook (or old exercise book, or whatever you feel comfortable) and capture the festival in your own style. We’ll have a gallery wall and would love to see what you produce!

So as well as your props, your fancy dress and your dancing shoes be sure to bring your pencils too!

Pip ‘astro’ Bayley